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Mar 9, 2015

It’s a record!!!

Did someone say we were in a recession?  We want to share great news and feel our customers are booming, manufacturing has never been as healthy.  January 2015 was a record for the volume of cartons produced in one month.  With over 3 million cartons manufactured which were divided over 286 orders. Reelvision has come a long way in a 7 year steady climb where 3 million units represented a full year’s production in 2007! 

Specialising in lower volume print runs, 3 million units gave us an average print run of 10,489 units, a perfect fit for our quick set-up printing presses.  Unfortunately we did have a small quality glitch with one complaint creating a total cost of £57.00!!!


The installation of our latest Bobst gluing line will create additional capacity to continue our growth…… 3 million this January, 5 million next!? . 

Recession, blah, what recession?